Augmented Cyber Security™

Powering national and organizational Security Operations Centers with an intelligence-driven, data mining cyber security platform to secure nations, government, critical infrastructure and enterprise organizations.
With decades of experience in intelligence methodology and deep cyber security domain expertise, Syborg’s Cyber Security Solutions are revolutionizing the way nations and organizations combat cyber threats. Syborg’s cyber security platform leverages machine learning and behavioral analytics to augment the SOC reality, adding “Virtual Analysts” that automate the process of detecting, investigating and responding to advanced cyber-attacks and drive intelligence into security operations. We offer multiple deployment options for nations and organizations scales and needs


Syborg’s vision for Intelligence Driven Security Operations utilizes specialized detection engines to collect data across networks, endpoints and files to cover the full cyber-attack chain and leverages machine learning algorithms together with forensics, automation and orchestration capabilities, providing complete visibility and shortening response times.
See the
Bigger Picture
Get complete visibility with a pre-integrated solution that detects anomalies across network, endpoint and payload.
the Hunt
Automatically and persistently monitor, detect, investigate, confirm and document incidents around the clock.
Staff-up on
Virtual Analysts
Beat the skills shortage with automated investigation tools that stop attacks.
Reduce Operating Costs
Automatically validate every lead with continuous network and endpoint forensics.