Law Enforcement Agencies

Fight Crime with Intelligence

LEAs Face Growing

Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) need to contend with evolving threats to the public order that take advantage of new technologies and are growing in sophistication. Criminals use encryption, diverse communication means and social networks to carry out their activities - such as drug trafficking, pedophilia and financial fraud. In order to investigate and take action against these threats, LEAs are required to conduct complex investigations of individuals and the organizations behind them. They need a trained team to conduct predictive policing and quickly derive meaningful intelligence from vast amounts of disconnected data across multiple information sources.

Syborg Helps Adapt
to all Security Challenges

Based on its domain expertise and vast experience with LEA project execution, Syborg empowers LEAs to produce the intelligence needed to maintain domestic safety and stability – and without requiring a large in-house staff of experts. The Syborg unified portfolio of products, built upon synergies between multiple intelligence disciplines and intelligence methodologies, helps LEAs to collect, correlate, and analyze structured and unstructured data. As a result, the agencies can rapidly carry out complex investigations into a wide range of criminal activities.

Accelerate Your Investigations

Rapidly Uncover Actionable Intelligence
Syborg’s data mining solutions equip LEAs with precise case insights derived from communications content, metadata, social networks, external databases and human intelligence. Field-proven methodologies help you to speed up your investigations and perform effective field operations.
The Power of the Syborg Portfolio
No one product or technology is enough for LEAs to generate the intelligence needed to contend with the variety of threats they face. Syborg’s broad and deep data mining solution portfolio - covering multiple intelligence disciplines - enables LEAs to adapt to virtually all emerging threats.
Solutions Deployed Successfully and Securely
Syborg has over 20 years of success with small, medium and large scale projects deployed for police & security organizations around the globe. Investigations are safely integrated into your environment, with virtualization, a government-grade IT backbone, and secured openness and collaboration.