Web Intelligence

Web Intelligence

Master Web Intelligence Investigation
Designed by security intelligence experts, Syborg’s web intelligence platform is a vital tool for the collection and analysis of non-stop data from the open source web, social networks, blogs, news sites, and from the Deep Web and Dark networks. Covertly uncover and analyze the internet’s never-ending trail of clues to build suspect profiles, reconstruct social circles and generate evidence.

Web Intelligence Benefits

Transform the biggest database in the world into a powerful crime and terror fighting resource, independent of time and location. Guided investigation flows and online investigation tools bring you high-powered intelligence that can be found in no other way.
Tailored to your security mission, increasing your expertise
Receive exclusive threat-based intelligence leaning on a pre-defined knowledge bank and with built-in best practices. Users benefit from expert ontologies, language support, plus specialized deep & dark sources from the domains of crime, terror, cyber threats and more.
Discover a unique source of mass intelligence
With robust and covert 24X7 collection, Syborg web intelligence performs mass web data collection from surface, deep and dark web, bringing invaluable information to the analyst.
Increase productivity with high-powered analytics
Fast-track your investigation with automatic video and image analysis and mapping and categorization of all visual content by people, places, symbols, topics and words. Auto-translation and speech-to-text engines add instant meaning to textual and voice content from mobile apps and social networks.

Tailored to your security mission, increasing your expertise

  • Bring critical clues to the surface & build evidence with behavioral profiles, visual link and textual analysis, geospatial identification and automatic reporting tools.
  • Simplify the investigation with guided investigation flows, relevant domain-related sources and intelligence best practices for investigation management.
  • Automatically receive instant suspect profiles through web searches based on a single target identifier.

Discover a unique source of mass intelligence

  • Access all web layers with deep web research tools and embedded domain knowledge, such as expert ontologies & mission oriented databases.
  • Collect and analyze massive amounts of web data and reveal intelligence while exposing the golden nugget of your investigation.
  • Stay covert & prevent human error even when accessing social networks and Dark networks.

Increase Productivity with High Powered Tools

  • Quickly understand the meaning of textual and voice content with system based ad-hoc translation of tens of languages.
  • Automatic image and video analysis detects and maps selected objects, faces, logos, landmarks, characters and explicit content, giving instant meaning to textual, voice and imagery content.
  • Reveal suspicious connections and map terror and crime cell structures with multi-target monitoring widgets and layered analytics.