Threat Protection System

Accelerate The Path From Detection To Response With Automated Cyber Investigations
Syborg Threat Protection SystemTM is a critical component in the enterprise SOC that leverages machine learning and behavioral analytics to detect threats across the full attack kill-chain, automatically investigating every alert and creating an intelligence map to empower security analysts and accelerate remediation.

Maximize Detection, Automate Investigations, Orchestrate Response

Syborg Threat Protection System deployed within the SOC features multiple advanced detection engines monitoring the network, endpoints and payloads, proactive forensics gathering and advanced investigation tools. Alerts are automatically investigated, reducing labor-intensive manual processes and providing SOC analysts with visual, prioritized incident storylines and remediation tools through a single pane of glass.
Early Detection of Complex Threats
Early detection of unknown threats via multiple detection sensors, leveraging machine learning, data mining and behavioral analysis.
100% Alerts
Automated cyber investigations cover 100% of alerts – validating every threat and eliminating time otherwise spent on false positives.
Simplified Cyber
A single unified investigation platform replaces multiple security tools - simplifying security operations, accelerating analysts’ ramp-up and lowering the skill barriers.

Holistic Kill-Chain Coverage

  • Multiple sensors continuously monitoring and gathering forensics from the network, endpoints and files.
  • Full Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) - endpoints are monitored continuously by inspecting files, processes, communications, registry, devices and more.
  • Behavioral analytics go beyond signatures to identify C&C communications and lateral movements within the network.

100% Alerts Inspection with Virtual Analysts working 24/7

  • Thousands of alerts are automatically investigated and cross referenced with current and past security events.
  • Valid alerts are fused into prioritized security incidents, along with all findings and forensic evidence.
  • Incident findings are fully documented for further investigation and collaboration.

Simplify Cyber Investigations through a single pane of glass

  • Unified investigation platform - multi-dimensional detection, forensics, automated investigation and orchestrated response.
  • Visual attack and investigation storylines, graphical link analysis, one-click forensics and evidence gathering.
  • Orchestrated response via open APIs to perimeter security tools.