National Security

Solutions to Strengthen Your Nation’s Security

National Security
Requires Solid Intelligence

Threats to national security are becoming increasingly complex and multi-dimensional. Using encryption, diverse communication means and social networks, individuals and organizations carry out their illicit activities - such as terrorism, illegal immigration, espionage and cyber attacks - without interference. To meet the challenge, National Security agencies need to run both retrospective and prevention-driven investigations. They need technology and expertise to quickly derive meaningful intelligence from multiple information sources and vast amounts of disconnected data.

Syborg Solutions Identify
& Prevent Potential Threats

Syborg‘s unparalleled domain expertise, its advanced technology, and its decades of proven execution empower National Security agencies to generate the meaningful intelligence they need to maintain domestic safety and stability – without the need to staff up with a large team of experts. With Syborg’s data mining solutions, governments collect, correlate, and analyze a wide range of structured and unstructured data in order to identify and prevent potential threats.

More Intelligence for Better Prevention

Accelerate Your investigations
To confront security threats, you need to first focus on what’s most important. Syborg’s data mining technology takes control of Big Data with mass analytics, detailed suspect profiles and actionable insights. Agencies get pinpointed intelligence based on best practices and proven methodologies.
The Power of the Syborg Portfolio
Syborg’s broad and deep portfolio and its domain expertise provide National Security agencies with the ability to generate intelligence from multiple intelligence disciplines. You get a solution which matches your agency's specific security challenges and organizational requirements.
Solutions Deployed with Success, Worldwide
Syborg has over 20 years of experience in over 90 countries, delivering small, medium and large scale national security projects and systems. Our solutions have been deployed for a wide range of challenges, from combatting organized crime and terror to the prevention of human trafficking and firearm smuggling.