National Intelligence

Keep Up with Threats Originating Outside

Threats to Nations are
Sophisticated & Varied

Nations must contend with a wide variety of threats originating around the globe, such as terror funding, proliferation, arms smuggling and money laundering. The perpetrators are often well funded and highly coordinated, and use encryption and multi-faceted means of communications to carry out their activities. To meet the challenge, National Intelligence agencies require advanced tools to generate intelligence from vast amounts of data originating from multiple domestic and international communications sources.

Syborg Solutions Give You an Eye
Over Great Distances

Syborg ‘s domain expertise in intelligence, together with its advanced technology and decades of proven execution, enables security agencies to generate the intelligence necessary to protect the home front. With Syborg’s data mining solutions, National Intelligence agencies are able to create meaningful intelligence from vast amounts of structured and unstructured data.

See the Big Picture, Neutralize
the Threat

Find Meaning in
the Mass of Data
To meet the national intelligence challenge you need to make data turn to meaning, automatically . Syborg’s technology uses machine learning, mass profiling, behavioral analysis and other advanced tools to mine Big Data and push your investigation forward.
The Power of the Syborg Portfolio
Syborg’s broad & deep product portfolio arms intelligence agencies with the power to create critical intelligence from virtually all cyber communications. National Intelligence agencies receive actionable intelligence to match their specific security challenges and organizational requirements.
Solutions Deployed with Success, Worldwide
Syborg has over 20 years of experience delivering national intelligence projects to governments around the world. Our solutions have been deployed for a wide range of sensitive security challenges, from combatting terror funding networks to counter proliferation.