Situational Intelligence


Identify And Respond To The Most Complex Situations
Syborg Situational Intelligence Solutions deliver unprecedented security intelligence data mining technologies based on proven methodologies to help organizations increase situational awareness, improve security responsiveness and realize greater operational efficiency.

Situational Intelligence Benefits

Real-time Situational
Situational Awareness is bringing
total visibility to your SOC. Syborg Situational intelligence Solutions bring a superior video experience data mining solutions to operators tasked with monitoring critical environments.
Unification of Systems,
Sensors and People
Syborg fuses data from a wide range of sources including video, audio, social media, access control, geo-location, building management, intrusion detection and more to provide greater situational awareness of what’s happening in your environment in real time and forensically.
Delivering Faster & More Efficient Response to Any Situation
Syborg helps security operators break down the walls between what was traditionally disparate data inputs to realize unprecedented visibility and insights allowing them to dispatch the necessary forces quickly and efficiently.