Syborg VMS One

Video Based Command and Control

VMS One is the heart of the Unified Security Command Center for mission critical environments. Integrating enterprise grade video management, dynamic GIS maps, sophisticated event management & investigation engines, and extensive integrations to security sub-systems, VMS One transforms the SOC by enabling intelligent, data-driven security management and response while simplifying operations and reducing costs.
Gain Situational Awareness and Control
Manage Alarms Faster and More Effectively
Perform Faster and More Comprehensive Investigations

Quickly Attain the Intelligence To Act

  • Integrating video along with related device state information, together in a dynamic, map-based interface, helps ensure decisions and actions are based on correlated data, rather than on video alone.

Manage Alarms Faster and More Effectively

  • Achieve faster response with sophisticated alarm management tools, delivering actionable intelligence derived from data received from connected systems and a powerful rules engine to automatically manage events and execute actions.

Increase Operational Efficiencies

  • Unify existing security systems to a single security management solution, based on an open platform structure. Experience simpler day-to-day security operations with accurate visualization, effective response and investigation and improved operational efficiency.

Perform Faster and More Comprehensive Investigations

  • An advanced search engine for data-driven investigations provides visual representation of correlated data collected from both video sources and integrated systems. Manual collection and evaluation of multi-system data and sensors is no longer needed to set up an investigation.