Syborg FaceDetect

Facial Recognition for the Real World
Syborg FaceDetect Video Analytics portfolio provides advanced analytics solutions for real-world problems. Facial recognition has long been a challenge for security professionals seeking to scale their operations and answer a critical question – how can we find people who are not allowed on premises, without relying on security staff to be present and attentive to the specific camera the moment the suspect arrives.

One of The Most Accurate
Matching Algorithms
in the Industry

Syborg FaceDetect overcomes traditional limitations in video-based biometric analysis, allowing you to find persons-of-interest in real-world situations. Whether you are in an environment with low or changing light conditions or have aging or disguised suspects, you can use existing IP cameras to deliver a comprehensive face recognition solution for your entire footprint, with accuracy that can scale.
High Accuracy
One of the most accurate algorithms in the industry.
Overcome Obstacles
Technology designed for real-life situations to overcome obstacles in your environment.

Leverage Your Cameras

Fast and easy to deploy by leveraging existing IP security cameras and high-performance GPU-based analytic servers.

Overcoming Obstacles

  • Discover suspects who are actively trying to avoid being recognized, with disguises or changes to their style or appearance to trick security, to protect their true identity.
  • Adapt instantly to changing situations where the lighting, workwear, partial or split-second views, crowded scenes and indoor/outdoor contrasts all can present difficulty.
  • Enable face detection and recognition over PTZ cameras where view is constantly changing.

Lower Operational Costs

  • Utilize your existing IP camera network – no special cameras required.
  • Analyze up to 40 channels of video at a time with FaceDetect turnkey servers. Scale to address virtually any size security operation.
  • Support up to 100,000 cameras and 200 million images in a database.

Take Security to the Next Level

  • Hundreds of faces can be detected or recognized within a single camera view.
  • One of the most accurate matching algorithm in the industry, yielding a 99.97% true-positive rate.
  • Highly accurate forensic video analysis at a rate of 20x live viewing (1 hour analyzed in 3 minutes).